12,500 University students Delisted from HELB funding

The government has delisted 12,000 students from various universities who had failed to finish their courses within the stipulated time.

This means that the affected students will have to pay fees out of their pockets should the respective universities allow them to proceed with their studies.
According to the University Funding Board CEO Geoffrey Monari, students who drop out of university should not continue seeking funding from the government.
“We stopped catering for 12,354 university students on establishing that they had overstayed at the institutions and this has saved Ksh2.2 billion,” Monari stated.

Currently, the government pays 80 percent of the fees for the state-sponsored students at public universities- a move aimed at providing higher education to students who lack the means to continue with their education.

Monari noted that UFB strictly uses a student’s enrolment number and course in order to allocate funds.
Currently, courses such as engineering, medicine, architecture, law and dentistry receive more funds as compared to other courses such as arts and humanities.

The news comes as the University of Nairobi launched mass deregistration of over 5,600 students who had overstayed at the institution.

This involved those whose student tenure had either expired or had been terminated by expulsion or discontinuation.

Other categories include the students who interrupted their studentship by temporary withdrawal, deferment or suspension as well as those with unexplained failure to transit to the subsequent level.

The university’s management explained that the de-registration process would be carried out in accordance with the Guidelines for Student Progression, 2020 that allows for termination of students’ progression and deregistration.

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