2020 KCSE Candidates To Miss On HELB Funding As KUCCPS Offers 2020 KCSE Candidates a Shorter time To Prepare Themselves Before Joining Campus

The 2020 KCSE Candidates submitted their applications for placement into Universities and colleges through KUCCPS two months ago. Those who were successfully placed in their first selection were notified as second and third revision which ended two weeks ago was opened for those who were not successful to revise their courses once again.

It has always been a norm that the placement service opens it’s portal for application for only two times, that’s first and second revision. But this time round, the placement service decided to give those candidates who were not successful during second revision an opportunity to revise their courses for the third time.

This act by the placement body has seen these candidates wait for so long before they are notified about the colleges and universities which they have been admitted to.

Last week citizentv.co.ke stated that the placement body is set to release the placement results mid of August 2021. This means that the candidates will have to wait for roughly two and half months since the onset of application.

The body further stated that the candidates will join colleges early September this year. This means that the candidates and parents will have a shorter time to prepare to join their respective colleges and universities. This will be straining the parents in terms of fees payment since the span given to the candidates is shorter which will see many of them defer their studies due to lack of fees.

Yesterday the candidates from Nairobi Protested demanding the KUCCPS to release the placement results as soon as Monday so that they can prepare themselves well and know what is needed when they report to campus.

Similarly, many candidates will miss on the HELB funding for the first year since they don’t have the admissions numbers they will use to apply for the funding. This means that those families and students who would like to benefit out of this funding so that they can pay their fees, it means that they will have a hard time once they join college.

We are urging the KUCCPS to release the placement results as soon as Monday so that the candidates will know where they are going so that at least they can even locate where the university is.

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