2021 KCSE Examiner Arrested During marking For doing the Following

The two-week 2021 KCSE marking work is nearing completion. However, it has been a job that anyone would like to be a teacher or examiner. Teachers went home without their pay to the point of lack of money for going home.
It is unbelievable and sad to find that a History paper one examiner at Ngara High School was arrested awaiting trial for involvement in improper conduct of an examination. According to junior examiners, the teacher decided to fumble the students’ marks after losing five scripts in her box. The Kenya National Examination Council security officials had picked five forgotten nightly papers from the townships and kept them in their office.
This examiner, noticed that there were missing papers but was afraid to inform the group leader. This forced him to fill in the wrong marks for the candidates. Later, the KNEC security team inquired about the papers and marks only to find out later what the teacher had done.

It is useless for teachers to do this! The teacher was removed before the end of the exercise. At the gate were police officers who had been told by the chief examiner and were waiting for him. This teacher will face a disciplinary hearing from the Teachers Service Commission as they await his conclusion.

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