30 Teachers Training Colleges Lack Students after CS Magoha’s Ministry Replaced P1 with Diploma Courses

The Ministry of Education recently introduced a diploma in the primary teachers training program, a move that has locked out many would-be applicants. With the education system changing to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), the ministry has been putting in place measures to train educators for the new dispensation right from college.

Scrapping out of P1

Notable among them was scrapping out the P1 Teachers course and replacing it with the DPTE course (Diploma in Primary Teacher Education). That meant that the minimum entry requirement was a C (plain) or its equivalent in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) as well as C Plain in English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, one in a Humanities subject, and one science subject.

400 Qualified Applicants Records indicate that only 400 students qualified for the Diploma program, a number too small to fill the spaces in the Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) around the country. As a result, the ministry distributed the students in five TTCs, leaving out 30 others without intakes for primary school teachers. Sunday Nation reports that the five colleges that received students are Thogoto, Machakos, Igoji, Baringo, and Migori.

The trend was also witnessed in the Early Childhood and Development Education (ECDE) sector where the ministry only received 200 qualified applicants.
Further details reveal that out of the 600 qualified students from both primary and ECDE, 100 did not join the institutions, leaving only 500 students.

Tutors from the TTCs who did not receive students were informed to wait for further communication on the way forward. Following the evident below-par intake, the ministry is working on modalities to recruit more students into the colleges, according to the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education Dr Julius Jwan.

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