• This is a full luxury saloon ride car manufactured by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.The Ride goes at up to $463,350 million dollars it’s furnished and crafted by the best dealers in the continent and the best auto mobiles in the industry.

The interior is pretty awesome and heaven like the dashboard, steering, the gears, and the speedometer it’s well worked on.

A ride that just you won’t stop staring at. It has a V12 engine that is more powerful than a V8 the acceleration part of it is amazing. Its acceleration is 0-100mph and from 30-70mph all along through the gears

A much comfortable ride with adjusting leather seats the power it emits is up to 563HP with a top speed of up to 250 km p/hr.


  •  It’s a modern latest car for Daimler’s Maybach super-luxury brand.

This ride is powered by a twin turbocharged 4 liter engine that makes it stand out as an s class vechicle, it goes at a price of up to $185,950.

The interior is designed to fit the car as it model suggest the leather seats that are adjustable and very comfy.

It has a 30 speaker burmester stereo system, A 5980 CC engine. The interior has seven inch longer wheelbase that provides enough space in the inside, also the front seats are heated well ventilated and massage that will leave you relaxed.

The rear doors are automatically operated thus electrically and it also has a refrigerator on the inside. Displays a 12.8 inch touch screen that can be used to play music videos and also as an assistant when the driver is trying to reverse way back.


  1. THE AUDI Q 5
  • It’s produced by the German luxury car manufacturers. It’s a diesel engine car with an electric compressor an engine emitting power of 261hp @1600rpm the transmission speed is very fast.

The Ride costs a total of $52, 995, has a comfortable cabin that can accommodate people of various sizes.

It’s a four wheel car, its rear back seats fold allowing the one seated on them to feel comfortable.

It has suspensions that helps the car to run smoothly and easily controlled.

It has air conditions that are electronically controlled.

Having the AudiQ5 TFSI e effective combination of a TBSI Engine and a powerful, compact electric motor having been charged it can go  miles and miles away without going to a stop thus in electric mode that releases none of local emissions and completely no Noise at all.

It can travel miles and miles away without breaking out because it’s electrically compressed and consumes minimal fuel thus saving your income and reducing expenses.


  • This is a 4 wheel car a vehicle that is capable of running through the mud and get through thus the off-road spots produced by Land Rover launched in the 70th S by the British Leyland a luxury car. It offers a roomy interior that’s comfortable having a powerful engine lineup.

It’s equipped with configurable lighting system that makes the ride to light up even at daylight and still look cool.

It has line up refined and fuel efficient engine that delivers strong consistent performance.

It has a Dynamic mode that makes it possible to deliver a composed drive despite the road and the situation of the road its taking, a four Wheel drive that tells you it’s not going to get held up anywhere.

It costs a total of $221 000 dollars.

The interior is designed to make sure the clients sitting in the seats enjoy the air conditioning and the comfy leather seats and the small screens at the back of every seat.


  • This is a both a German automotive marque precisely a Mercedes Benz AG is known for its best services and good features.

It has a top speed and Torque.A ride that can accelerate from 0- 60 in seconds the acceleration part of it is so fast that you would want to lay hands on.

A car that’s well shaped to move along fast and the sleek styling LED lighting that comes out pretty amazing, it has the Anti-lock Braking system that helps the car to come to a stop in case of an emergency thus reducing the accident fatal and risks.

It has infrared cameras lasers and stereoscopic ones and a powerful computer programs thus the software installed in it that controls some of the few things in the car.

It goes at a price of $53,950 dollars.

It’s powered by a four cylinder engines with 2 distinguished liters of petrol model launch.

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