A big blow to P1 teachers as TSC Sidelines them For Next employment

TSC has announced that it will only employ secondary School tutors, leaving behind a big batch of unemployed Certificate primary teachers. This is part of the government scheme to employ 15,00 secondary School teachers, some 5,000 annually, in the next three years.

TCS will then deploy 5,000 teachers to secondary schools as the institutions are expected to face a bigger shortage. Some 3,500 interns will also be posted to secondary on a two years contract.

The commission, however, says it has no plans to recruit primary school tutors, throwing into uncertainty the fate of thousands of unemployment P1 certificate holders.

This is in contradiction with an earlier statement in which TSC had announced that it will hire a total of 37,000 teachers this year, to curb for the teacher shortage in the country and reduce the unemployed backlog.

With worrying reports of graduate P1 Teachers staying out of TSC employment register for a period of up to 10 years, this will be a punch on the head for the already disillusioned men and women, and prospecting trainees in the field.

It is not clear whether the move is coming out of budgetary concerns, but will nevertheless be heartbreaking for the thousands of teachers who will have to wait for another full year to try their luck.

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  1. To whom it may concern(TSC MANAGEMENT)
    Stop wasting us please
    Like me I have finished 7yrs after graduation plus another ten you are talking about
    Do you want to kill us why did you allow us to train
    That’s wasting resources and time
    Consider me went to college a mother I’m 36yrs now

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