A big smile for internship teachers, both senior and junior

Our team ran an article on 24th may titled , ’Intern Teachers to get their salary arrears cleared by TSC this month’. We’re happy to report that TSC has honored the promise and paid all the intern teachers their existing arrears in full.
Most of the teachers had gone without salary for the first two months of their contract. But the commission did pay them for the two months. The teachers were overwhelmed after learning their full salary was deposited to their bank accounts by the employer and took into social media to express their joy.

It has now been the norm of Teachers Service Commission (TSC), to take long period up to six months to clear salary arrears. In past years, the newly recruited teachers on permanent and pensionable terms could take almost three months to get a letter for the offer of job after interview.

Currently, 540 teachers who were employed in February replacement are yet to receive their deployment letters three months since interviews were Carried out.
For instance the 2021 intern teachers after completing their interview on 24th December 2020, they got their letters of job offer on 7th to 10th January 2021, and reported to their respective station on 11th January 2021.

Immediately on reporting to school the school heads were writing casualty letters and submitting copies to sub- county and TSC headquarters offices.
Fortunately for all teachers whose casualty letters were submitted in time with all their details verifiable, received their first salary 27 February 2021.

Since then a few got their January salary arrears on month of March while others received on April. And of course whenever TSC combines two months salarly, its subject to taxation.For secondary school intern teacher who have received January arrears got taxed a whopping Ksh.8,100.

It’s not in order for TSC to hold the teachers’ arrears for several months as these teachers have bills to settle. The teachers’unions should intervene and bring this barbaric act to a hold. But once again we thank the teachers’ service Commission for honoring their promise of clearing the intern teachers’ arrears.

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