A Sigh Of Relief Finally For Teachers On TPD Modules

In September, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) announced that teachers will be required to go back to school for a training.


This training; Teachers Professional Development (TPD) is aimed at improving teachers services in their field of work. The TPD is scheduled to start in December and it will be done after every five years. The contract will go for a period of 30 years.


When this circular was released, teachers received it with a lot of panic and hardness. They started airing their grievances to their employee through their leaders.


According to them, this TPD is quite expensive for them to cater for. They are supposed to study six modules each costing 6,000. This is quite huge amount of money for teachers.

Following this,KUPPET leaders such Omboko and Oyuu have addressed TSC saying that teachers will not use their money to fund the TPDs.


Instead,they have requested the government through the TSC to pay for this training and teachers will be very okay and willing to go for it.( This view is a personal opinion)


Due to all these requests,TSC might decide to pay for TPDs for teachers come December this year. Do you think that this will be a wise decision by TSC? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.

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