A Sigh Of Relief To Unemployed Teachers As The Government Makes This Announcement

In Kenya, there is a large junk of teachers who are trained and qualified but have never secured employment opportunities with the TSC.

This has been occasioned by the unscrupulous modalities that the commission is using when employing teachers. Of recent, the commission has proved to be unfair in terms of how it recruits and deploys teachers in different institutions.

Following the recent recruitments by the commission, on both permanent basis and on internship, it is evident that the commission has employed modalities which will never favor teachers who graduated earlier to secure employment if they don’t attend to internship program.

Following this year’s budget which allocated 2.1B to the Teachers Service Commission ( TSC ) to aid in recruiting teachers to curb teacher shortage in schools following 100% transition to high school, the commission is planning to recruit intern teachers this year in December.

The commission has declared 6,000 vacancies for internship both in primary and secondary schools. Out of the 6,000 vacancies, the commission has distributed 2,000 vacancies in primary schools while the remaining 4,000 vacancies in secondary schools.

This will see teachers who are unemployed secure this rare opportunities which will see them secure permanent jobs in the next recruitment on permanent and pensionable terms.

On the same note, the government has indicated to conduct a crackdown on schools that have employed teachers with no TSC number. The government realized that both private and public a schools have employed relatives and friends in different professions to teach students in schools which is against the teachers code of conduct.

The government has formed a task force that will conduct a crackdown in all parts of the country so that they can unmask the rogue principals and headteachers who are violating the set regulations. By so doing, this is going to create space for qualified teachers who have not secured employment to get opportunities even in school’s board of management.

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