A Teacher Beats A 8 Year Girl To Death For Giving A Wrong Answer In Class

A family is demanding justice after their daughter Jennifer Michelle allegedly died on the school premises and her body was dumped at Mama Lucy Hospital.

Events began to unfold on May 19, 2021, when Michelle wrongly answered a question in class and was allegedly beaten to death by a teacher.

Michelle’s mother, Hilda Achieng, waited in vain for her daughter to drop off school.

“I along with other Grade 2 students waited for him to come back at 5 pm, but he did not. Around 5.30 pm I asked his classmates but no one saw him.”

Achieng unsuccessfully sought information from the school before filing a missing person’s report at the Kayole police station and deciding to return home.

The same day around 9 pm a police officer contacted her and was told that her daughter had been found.

“She told me my daughter was at Mama Lucy hospital but she warned me against going it alone,” she said.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Achieng found that his daughter had long died.

After the incident, seven activists went to the school on Tuesday, July 27 to protest the matter. However, the headteacher was arrested and spent his night in Soweto prison.

Achieng, one of the protesters, demanded justice and said it was impossible for him to recover from his daughter’s death.

“When I took her to school that morning, she was in good health and cheerful,” she said.

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