A Teacher From Nakuru Who Abducted A 13 Year Old KCPE Candidate After Completing her Papers

Police have been investigating how a school girl was abducted after finishing her KCPE Examinations.

Fortunately, the girl managed to escape from the place where the teacher had kept her and went back to her mother.

The Nakuru deputy Police Commander indicated that the mother had reported the matter at Lanet Police Station on March 24.

The minor narrated that she was abducted on the way by two bodaboda  men who covered her with a shopping bag, something that made it hard for her to know where she was being taken. They then dropped the girl at a home where there were four other children and later in the evening the minor learned that the home belonged to her teacher when he arrived.

The teacher told the minor that she will stay with her until July and even after joining form one.

The minor got an opportunity to escape on 10 of April when the teacher’s daughter asked her to escort her to her friend’s house.

Police have revealed that the abductor on the bodaboda was her biological father whom they had separated with the mother years ago.


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