Addicted to Gambling? Take a Look at These Effects of Gambling.

My fellow gamblers, let's gamble responsibly. Always advise your friends and relatives that gambling is for persons above the age of 18 years.

Many betting sites have come up with a strategy of harvesting money from gamblers who believe that their luck is in sports gaming. These sites have introduced jackpots and other lucrative offers that tend to entice many gamblers. From experience, I know that somebody can lose a bet and still desire to regain the lost money by placing another bet. This always results in one losing a lot of money in that name of gambling, which makes him/her broke and to an extreme of stealing to in order to regain the lost money. Many students more especially university students have entered into the gambling business as they feel like it’s an easy way of making money. Some of them have bet using school fees, others have sold their possessions in order to get money to stake, but still, they don’t make it which results in one being broke, some defer their semesters and others may commit suicide because of the fear that their parents will not listen to them once they have deferred their studies.

Similarly, apart from losing your money, people waste a lot of their time in betting and making a follow up on their bets in the livescore. This makes many students miss classes and even exams which make their stay on campus super long.

Many families have also resorted to betting. A man can sell his cow in the name of gambling with the money so that they can get the extra coins to help them meet their daily needs. But the contrary is that they tend to lose this money and end up miserable. This has always destabilized many families which sometimes may lead to break-ups and heartbreaks. Also, students may not receive the right education because of a lack of finances to steer them up the academic ladder. These children end up dropping out of school due to lack of school fees and enter into criminal activities that jeopardize their lives.

At the same time, stress is another side effect of betting. Once a gambler has placed a bet, he tends to make a follow up through the entire football session so that he can be updated on the progress of the bet placed. If one loses this bet after 2-3 hours of patiently waiting, then stress may engulf that person considering the fact that he has lost his placed bet. Once this stress builds up, then the person may opt to take his/her life and this becomes a big loss to the family and relatives at large.

Time wastage is another effect of gambling. From experience, I understand that once a person has placed a bet, it’s not easy for that person to get settled minus taking a look at the progress of the bet placed after every five minutes. This makes one lose more time following the progress of a bet. At this level, you may find that the person has left the job he was doing and only concentrating on one bet which may result in the time allocated for a certain job a bit longer.

There is also a lack of sleep. Many gamblers once they have placed a bet let’s say at night they may not sleep but keep following the bet to the end. Their heart, mind, and soul does not give them peace to settle and sleep but they always feel like they should make a follow up every time until the game is over. This impacts harshly on those people who have a busy schedule early in the morning as they are both able to wake up early and make it to the job. This at some point may lead to one being sacked from his/her job for arriving late in his/her workplace.

The effects of gambling are so many and the impacts are far-reaching. It’s advisable that when you are gambling, gamble responsibly and gamble with the money that you can be able to lose without much pain. Always ensure when gambling, don’t use your salary but use your surplus after all expenses have been taken care of and savings have been done. Another set of money that you don’t need to use in betting school fees and your house rent. Once you gamble with this money, you may have a shock of a lifetime and you may find yourself in an awkward situation where you can not extricate yourself from.

My fellow gamblers, let’s gamble responsibly. Always advise your friends and relatives that gambling is for persons above the age of 18 years.

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