After Church Uproar, The Government has Issued These Guidelines Concerning Worship

The Ministry of Interior Coordination has vetoed a guideline issued by the Interfaith Council requiring all churches in Nairobi and four other counties to stop physical services in order to comply with the Covid-19 containment measures.

The ministry retaliated that places of worship were allowed to gather no more than 15 people for the purpose of recording live transmission services within the Disease Infected Area (DIA).

Countiess outside the DIA were allowed one-third sitting capacity worship but urged to observe strict adherence of health Covid-19 protocols.

The Interfaith Council had suspended all gatherings for worshippers urging them to revert all their services online. The move drew protest from the religious, community as they accused President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration of unfairly targetting worshippers.

The council’s move was in an effort to stop the spread of the virus as they expressed concerns over the increasing number of deaths and infections topped up with the limited capacity of health facilities.

“The leaders of the various worship services will be allowed to run the on-line service, with the number of people needed for the transmission, that should not exceed 15 persons,” stated the council.

They further added that the exempted 15 worshippers should maintain a program not exceeding one hour, applying to both weekly and daily transmissions.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had stated during his public address that the Interfaith Council guidelines be adhered to in regards to congregational worship.

“All physical/in-person and congregational worship in all places of worship in the Counties of Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru stands suspended until otherwise notified.

Inregard to the other 42 counties, in/person worship and congregational worship shall continue to be conducted in keeping with the one-third rule and in accordance with the guidelines of the Inter-Faith Council,” stated the president.

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