Alliance Girls High School: Admissions, fees, KCSE results, contacts

Alliance Girls High School is the only girls’ school at Kikuyu in Kiambu County, Kenya. Undoubtedly, one of the best girls’ schools in Kenya. The school was started in 1948 by the Alliance of the Protestant Missions. It was the first African girls’ higher education institution in Kenya and operated similarly to Kenya High School, at the time accepting only European Girls. Previously known as African Girls High School.

The first African principal at the school was Joan Waithaka who was one of the first graduates of the school. He succeeded Jean Wilkinson (former school principal) in 1969. The current principal of the school is Virginia Gitonga.
The center aims to provide an enabling environment for a comprehensive, high-quality and excellent education for the girl child.

School motto; Walk in the light.

Notable supporters include Charity Ngilu who is the first Kenyan woman to be elected president, Margaret Ogola, a novelist and pediatrician, Nyiva Mwendwa, Kenya’s first female Cabinet minister, Lucy Kibaki, and Kenya’s first wife, Sally Kosgei, was Kenya’s first Kenyan civil servant, and Effie Oduor who was Kenya’s first female judge to name a few.

Alliance Girls High School location;
The school is located in Kikuyu in Kiambu district, Kenya. The school is located about 14 miles [22 km] from the city of Nairobi. It is located on a 71-acre site donated to the school by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

Performance of Alliance Girls High School KCSE;
The school is known for excelling at home and national examinations. It is usually among the top ten nationally each year. It was ranked first among girls’ schools nationally in the 2011 KCSE results. Because of its excellent performance, it often attracts a large number of applicants for the first form. For example, in 2015, it attracted the highest number of schools in all national schools with a total of 156,347 applications.

Alliance High School admissions

Being a national institution, we all expect that entries to the school to be highly competitive. Only students that have high performance on their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) are selected to join the institution.

As earlier mentioned, the institution partakes in the national quota system, which sees students from all the Kenyan sub-counties (previously districts) drawn to study in the top institute. In 2015, the institution had the highest number of applicants compared to other national establishments. It had a total of 156,347 applications followed closely by its brother institution with 154,417 and Mangu High, 148,594.

Alliance Girls High School fees

Recently, the government of Kenya released a directive to all the institutions regarding the total fees parents should pay per year. AGHS being a national institution, as a parent/guardian, you have to shell out the following amounts yearly:

  • Teaching: Learning material and exams: Ksh.0
  • Boarding equipment and stores: Ksh. 32,385
  • Repairs, maintenance, and improvement: Ksh. 2,960
  • Local travel and transport: Ksh. 1,621
  • Administration costs: Ksh. 3,516
  • Electricity Water and Conservancy (EWC): Ksh. 6,302
  • Activity fees: Ksh. 798
  • Personal emolument: 5,755
  • Medical and insurance: Ksh. 0

The total amount of fees payable by per student in a year is, therefore, Ksh. 53,554.

Alliance Girls High Contacts;
KNEC school code; 11200002
The postal address of the school; P.O. Box 109-00902, Kikuyu, Kenya.
Phone / mobile number; 0735888639.
Email address; [email protected]

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