Angry Mob Almost Kills A Man Caught with School Girl In Nyamira County

An angry Mob today evening almost killed a man aged 35 years in Nyamira county over a school girl.

The duo were spotted with one man who sought anonymity who then followed them to check what they were up to.

The duo later entered into a room in one of the bars where they were later chased as the management denied them access after realizing the girl was a school going girl.

Picture of the School Girl and The Pest

After some time the culprit, (man) distanced himself from the girl to conceal the suspicion that they were together.

Before leaving the girl behind, the man gave her a dust coat that he was wearing in order to cover the Uniform so that people don’t notice her. He also offered her some goggles and mask that he used to hide her face.

The man claims to be a student in one of the polytechnic in Nyamira by the name Ekerubo Gietai where he is undertaking electrical engineering and the girl is from a neighborhood high school by the name Nyasio Secondary School.

As part of their defence, the man claimed that he knew the girl recently and because his sister was holding a wedding next month he requested the girl to be Among the girls who will be taking part in the matching.

After the school girl agreed, the man claimed that today they met and they were going to the tailor to fit their uniforms for the wedding. And since the girl was hungry, the man offered to take her for lunch at Monsoon Hotel in Sironga Village before proceeding to the tailor.

After listening to the explanation, our team suspected malice and later on one of the people who were around decided to call the school girl’s dad with the help of the girl who later confirmed to be coming from Nyaikuro in Nyamira county who arrived within a short period of time.

To the surprise of the dad, he realized that the mob had released the man to avoid the wrath of the dad. The father then later turned against the mob and demanded an explanation why they were beating his daughter and why they allowed the man to escape.

As at the time we were consolidating these information, the father went but promised to take legal action against the man and those who released the man.

This comes barely a week after the students resumed back from half term and schools are sending Students home for school fees.

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