As Teachers Prepare For TPD Modules In December, PSC Has Launched A Training Program For All Civil Servants

Ministry of Public Service, Emerging Public Leaders(EPL), , Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) and Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) have partnered to launch new programme aimed at empowering young civil servants to improve on their service delivery to Kenyans.

This is after it emerged that the reputation of public service is dented with corruption, nepotism and inefficiencies.

Under the programme, young public servants will be trained to be aware of skills and competencies for public service to enable them deliver services to the public better.

The training, which will last a year, targets civil servants who have worked for only six months and not beyond one year.

The training will cover; putting citizens at the centre of public service, the public service leadership and ethos and finally skills for young public leaders.

The details emerged during the launch of the Emerging Leaders Fellowship, a partnership between Ministry of Public Service, Emerging Leaders Foundation(ELF) and Emerging Public Leaders(EPL).

The first 50 recruits of the program will be competitively recruited through an advertisement published in local dailies detailing eligibility and requirements.

According to the Public Service Principal Secretary Charles Sunkuli, the program will serve as a critical entry point for young public service leaders and create an in-depth awareness of ethos key to attainment of national values and goals.

Public Service Cabinet Secretary Prof Margaret Kobia appreciated the programme and thanked the commission, ELP and ELF for putting together what she termed as a ‘relevant learning and development programme.’

“It is timely in the public serviice and will go along way in strengthening value based leadership and supporting institutional building,” said Kobia. “These youth will be trained to apply their talents and enhance efficiency in public service delivery,” said CS Kobia. ” … and giving responsibility to young people is therefore not anew practice in the public service,” said Kobia.

Kenya is the third country where such programme has been launched after Liberia and Ghana. Comparing this program to the recently launched TPD program, a section of teachers feel TSC needs to borrow a lot from the ministry of public service concerning capacity building courses.

TSC recently launched a self sponsored 30 year TPD programme targeting all teachers .

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