As Your Children Report in Form One On Monday, Parents Beware On The Following Issues

Parents its now time that your son’s and daughters are reporting to secondary school to begin their studies after a long break of over seven months since they sat for their KCPE exams.

Following the ministry of education calendar that directed that form one students to report to their schools where they were selected on 2nd of August, its evident that schools will have to receive many form one students on Monday and this will cause a jam on the roads on this particular day. Therefore, parents should make prior arrangements especially those taking their children to National schools and boarding schools so that they are not caught up with time due to traffic jam.

Now, as parents report to schools with their children on Monday, some school heads have decided to inculcate other levies which were not stipulated on the admission letter and the school fees structure. I would like to warn you my dear parents that don’t dare to bow to the pressure from these heads of Institutions whenever they are asking for These levies since they are not recognized by the education ministry. If anybody would dare to ask for an extra fee apart from what is indicated on the fees structure, shun it in the strongest term poassible and even threaten to sue anybody who would wish to take advantage on you.

Secondly, make sure that you check the dorm that your daughter is assigned and the mattress that she is supplied with. Some institution have indicated that students will be supplied with beddings in school at a fee, but some of these schools they end up giving your children old beddings which won’t give your child peace of mind. Therefore, I would like to advise that make sure that you have accompanied your daughter to the dorm she has been assigned so that you make sure that your child is in a safe environment with the right conditions.

Thirdly, some institutions have indicated that they will supply the students with school uniforms in school. Some schools end up supplying students with only Two uniforms out of the possible three uniforms promising that they will supply the other one later. Therefore, ensure that your child is given all the uniforms and other clothes that you have paid for before you leave your child in school.

Its prudent to label the uniforms of your child to avoid loss and confusion. Make sure that all your child’s uniforms are well labeled including the shoes and buckets as some senior Students may decide to get away with the form ones items which may cause panic to your child and also destabilize him/her.

Finally, make sure that you avail yourself and your child in school compound in good time to avoid overstaying in the que under the scotching sun. This will save on time and it will even allow parents coming from far to leave school earlier and arrive at their destination earlier.

Am wishing us we’ll, as we purpose to take our sons and daughters to schools where they have been admitted to. Shalom! And journey mercies.


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