Babu Gee, the Omosayansi Real Age, Wife, History and Songs

Omosayansi History Profile

Babu Gee Is talented Kisii artist who has transformed the Kisii Music tremendously. Since he came to limelight, he has gained a lot of fame and popularity something that has earned him respect and more tasks in Gusii region and beyond. He is also a self proclaimed Scientist (Omosayansi) in the Gusii region.

Taking a closer look at this musician, he seems to be multi talented because he wears so many badges including but not limited to; Songwriter, Musician, Script writer, An actor, motivational speaker and comedian. As it stands now, Babu Gee has been an inspiration to many local musicians who are looking up to him and would like to emulate his footsteps.

Babu’s Profile

His real name is Davidson Nyaberi Mong’are. He was born on 29th of July 1990, this means he is 30 years of age. He was born at Mokomoni in Nyamira county, Kenya. Babu does pop music but most of them are pegged to Kisii language. He is married to a beautiful woman by the name Moraa Antoni.

One song that was a hit and which  brought him to the limelight was “Ntwarwara” which means, we have been seek. This song became a hit in 2018 and people really liked it. The song was played in the streets, local radio stations and even in clubs. This was the song that is believed to have increased his fame in the industry.

Babu Gee is gaining fame and acceptance into the industry because of his creativity and good choice of words.

Education History and background

Babu Gee has schooled at Nyamiranga High school where he completed his KCSE and later joined the Homeboyz Entertainment in the Multimedia Talent Academy.

Music Career up the ladder

The journey in the Music industry has not been an easy task. It’s out of the struggle and sacrifices he has made till he is where he is now. If there is something he will be remembered on as a legacy is on reinventing the Kisii Pop music that has added a lot of flavour to the the Kisii Music and has inspired so many artist who have also changed the tune.

Besides becoming popular the recent years, the “Omosayansi” has had so many songs of the same hype that he has taken more time to gather supporters something that has take him a fortune of time.

Earlier on before babu gee became a Kisii artist, he was a kiswahili artist which he ditched for the local dialect (Kisii) music.

Songs Done by “Omosayansi”

Babu Gee has a pile of songs done by himself and others in collaboration with other artists. These songs include; Bodaboda, Chimbeba, Amakweri, Emesosino,Bang’ong’ori, Mwaa, Nabo Okorosa, Ntwarwara, Obobesa Obokeigo, Beka Chisogisi, Oyo yeso, Mimi Ni shujaa and Esimi.

All the above songs are so entertaining for anybody with the capacity to understand the Kisii dialect.

Babu Gee contact information

If you have anything to share with Omosayansi, be it congratulating him, endorsement, collaborations or support, you can find him on;

Phone number: 0700254659

Or by email: [email protected]

You can also link with him of his social media pages.


Twitter: @babu_gee_omosayansi

Instagram: @babu_gee_omosayansi

YouTube: Babu Gee Omosayansi

With this man Babu Gee, we all owe you respect for transforming the music industry in the Kisii Region.



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