Bachelor Of Education; Marketable Subject Combinations

Sometimes you find yourself at the cross road on which subject combination you will undertake once you have been admitted for a degree or diploma course in education either science or arts. This needs some research on the Subjects which are marketable which when you undertake them, you will get a job almost immediately after graduation.

In this article, am going to guide you on the best subject combination that you need to undertake that will get you a job early after graduation without waiting for a long time.

TSC continuously advertises teaching vacancies which either on internship or permanent and Pensionable terms. The adverts may come out during replacement or mass recruitment. Therefore, once you have secured your degree in education and registered as a teacher by the Teachers Service Commission, you are now eligible to make your online application for any post depending on your subject combination.

One thing that I need to inform you is that, those teachers who have gone on internship have a upper hand when it comes to employment as they are awarded additional ten marks. But similarly, there are subject combinations which don’t require you to be interned because the teachers for that combination are scarce. Also before enrolling for any subject combination make sure that you have attained a grade of C+ plus in the the two teaching subjects, otherwise you won’t be registered as a teacher by the Teachers Service Commission.

After constant research, we have arrived at a number of subject combinations going by the TSC adverts. It worthy to note that for you to secure a teaching job with TSC, the following factors are pegged, which include; subject combination which is very paramount, length of stay after graduation and willingness to work any part of the country.

The following list highlights the most marketable subject combinations in education Degree or Diploma course.

  1. Chemistry and Physics
  2. Biology and Agriculture
  3. Physics and mathematics
  4. English Literature
  5. Chemistry and mathematics
  6. Computer and mathematics or Computer and any subject
  7. IRE and any Combination e.g History
  8. Biology and Chemistry

The above subject combinations have proved to be a hot cake when it comes to TSC employment. Therefore, whenever you are selecting your subject combination, just think within the above combinations

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