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Ouru Frankline is a young man aged 26 years of age. He hails from Nyamira County, Nyamira south sub county, Nyamaiya Division, Rangenyo Village (Maguti). He was born by Ouru Thomas and Jane Kwamboka Ouru who are the biological parents. He has three brothers, Geoffrey Aghai Ouru, first born, Francis Ouru Nyandiko, second born and Dennis Nyakang’o Ouru, last born and one sister Susan Masiko Ouru.

The first born works as Chief Accountant in Kisii County, Second Born is also interned in Nyamira county in the ministry of Agriculture, the last born is schooling at Nyansabakwa Boys High School in form one. The sister is a student at Multimedia University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in education science with information Technology.

Frank was born a family where the parents had no source of income, no cash crop and non who would help them out. The parents struggled to bring him up in abject poverty. Frank fell sick more often while he was a child almost to the point of death. He was treated in several hospitals by physicians. The only physician scot, the white is the only one who managed to restrain his illness. The parents cried day in day out but since his family had strong believe that was grounded in faith and God, their cry was heard and Frank was healed. The parents have really struggled to bring up the family, provide for it and even educate the siblings. Their main source of income was from contracts in people’s farms like digging, plucking tea and even trapping moles in people’s farms. Through all these, they have managed to educate their children to university level and Frank now is taking his masters degree in analytical chemistry.


Frank started his schooling in the year 2000 in Ranyenyo Mixed Primary nursery school and later graduated to class one in 2001 in the SAME SCHOOL. He got headache in class one from one teacher Madam Bonyinyo yo the point that when the teacher has not come to school, he celebrates. The teacher became a menace on him to the point that he wanted to drop out of school in class one. But since the parents were very strict, they would not listen to anything but force him to go to school everyday. He went through primary but with a lot of difficulties. While in upper primary there is no single day he scored even 200 marks. While in class seven he was promoted to class eight with 165 marks him being the second last person to the closing line. After sitting for his KCPE exam, he managed to score 246 marks and later proceeded to a decimal village school by name St. Joseph’s Kemasare Mixed secondary school that had 140 students during that time. While in form one the very day he was admitted, the principal administered a social studies exam but this time round with no answers and he managed to score 60% something that really motivated him and made him realize his unexploited potential in him. Since he got some past papers for his brothers who were ahead of him, he used to revise them thoroughly through their guidance. in fist term form one, he emerged the top with 960/1100 marks something that awoke the lion him and started working tirelessly. At the end he managed to score a mean grade of B+ (plus) in form four something that saw him on the newspaper as the most improved student.

In 2015 January, he joined Jaramogi Oginga University of Science and Technology and managed to score second class honors (upper division) with a Bachelor’s degree in Education science with Information Technology (IT).

He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry at Kisii University, Main Campus. His ambition is to complete his masters degree and enroll for PhD.


After graduation on December 14th 2018, he got employed at Sironga Girls High School on 3rd January 2019 as a teacher under the Board of Management. He is stilling working as a teacher in the same school till date. H e is also a blogger at


He has been in three major relationships that he thought would lead to marriage but the unbelievable has always been happening. His first partner in Campus Vivian Ngirote, made a turn after graduating and ended the relationship without the knowledge of Frank. He then went on a recess for one five months and then initiated a relationship with another girl by the name Sharon Milcah whom they dated till October 2020 when wrangles on the basis of infidelity ensued that lead them cut communication for sometime. Till now they dont communicate and this seems like the relationship has hit the dead ground between the hard place and the rock. He has now initiated another relationship with another madam teacher by the name Rose Moraa whom he is checvking on the suitability of the partner to be a wife.

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