Bad News For All P1 Teachers Even After Attending Diploma Upgrade Program

It has come out clear that over 300,000 unemployed teachers will be required to dig dipper into their pockets for upgradingto Diplomain PrimaryTeacherEducationin order to be Competency-Based Compliant (CBC) with no hopesof automatic absorption by the Commission.

Dr. Nthamburi stated that the teachers themselves will pay for the upgrading programme and that the aspect of fairness as stipulated in the employment policies will be observed, hence they will be looking at all the modalities within the policy on how the teachers would be absorbed.

“It is not an automatic aspect that after they finish the 9 months they wouldbe picked and takento class because it would again be raised; what about those who didn’t go and it was not their mistake? So that has to be sorted amicably but within the policy”, he said.

This means that despite the teachers going for the upgrading programme, they will have to wait longer to be employed and if they will not be CBC compliant then their chances of being employed will be very minimal since the Commission has emphasized that the system of education in the country currently is CBC .

“The truth of the matter let it be told; the country has decided to go the CBC way. The system of education is no longer the way it was. Now, if it’s that one and you want to be a teacher, and you had gone through the other one then, you as a teacher you are not meeting the requirements” stated Dr. Nthamburi.

An analysis of the September 2021 College Fees Structures by various Teachers Colleges revealed that the teachers will be required to pay between Sh 65,000 to Sh 68,000 for Public TTCs while Private TTCs charges between Sh 79,000 and Sh 84,000.

Director Nthamburi revealed that the Commission has been receiving cases of teachers who are posted to schools and are unable to teach the CBC classes notably Grades 1 to 5 because the teacher is simply not CBC compliant hence need of unemployed teachers going for the upgrading training programme.

He reiterated that the upgrade programme is basically to make the unemployed teachers to be CBC compliant, make the unemployed teachers reach the level of now the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE)and to be at par with those who will graduate with DPTE, and also help the Commissionto effectively deal with their salaries and motivation.

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