Big blow to 95,000 university students as they will Miss HELB Funding

According to the news released by Higher Education Loan Board(HELB) Kenya, a big number of students taking Diplomas and degrees courses from various universities are going to slip from receiving fee loans and the upkeep money during the learning period.

A total number of 95,000 university students are expected to miss their HELB loans which is sad new to all of them leaving them a lot of questions where and what to do next.

According to the statistics, most of the students in Kenyan public universities pursuing Degree and Diploma courses have a history of coming from less fortunate families in which even raising fee is a big problem.

These families have to work in peoples farms so that they get their daily bread. Raising finances for their university education fees, the students from this families usually apply for loans given by Higher Education Loan Board.

what is different with these learners from the learners raised in well off families, they can not afford living luxury lives like, living in rental houses where they pay rent, buying expensive food stuffs.

Instead they prefer living in university hostels which are relatively cheaper to afford and even purchase cheap food within the university. By doing all these, the students are able to make much savings from the little amount of money they have from HELB hence enabling them survive all through the semester.

In some scenarios, some of the students are responsible for their lives in campus. They are always put into task where they are supposed to pay fee for themselves from the loans they get because their guardians and parents cannot manage to pay fee and the time upkeep fee.

There are Students who also get forced to defer their courses go get jobs and come later when they have enough finances to sustain them in university life. These learners education life is in dilemma, if the government is going to fail in releasing fund to the students then most of them are likely going to postpone their studies and even drop because of lack of finance.

Parents and other education stakeholders have urged the government to reconsider setting the budget for HELB so that the 95,000 students receive their HELB loans.

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