Biometric Enrollment of All Teachers By TSC to Start To Curb Exam Malpractice

The government will introduce a biometric system that will keep track of details such as fingerprinting of all teachers in public schools across the country.
This was announced by Teachers Service Commission (TSC) chief executive Nancy Macharia on Monday during the release of Kenya Secondary Education Certificate (KCSE) test results. Similar TSC programs were completed last year.
The move, said Macharia, will help the TSC identify and punish suspected fraudsters, and protect innocent people and unmask teachers with their gadgets that can be used to do such unusual things.

Fingerprint identification is expected to help the government clearly identify criminals who disrupt closed learning  facilities when they are released.
“We are nearing the end of our discussions with the office of the Data Commissioner for the release of biometric data
all teachers, ”said Macharia.
“In the future, all teachers who join the TSC will be registered before submitting our salary.”
During the administration of the 2020 KCSE exams, a number of cases were reported in Kenya National Examinations
The reports allege that some teachers took snaps of exams such as institutional administrators and they then disseminate them directly to the candidates or to other teachers to answer questions on behalf of candidates. We are very disappointed with these reports, especially when they include professional teachers.

This comes as it has emerged that some teachers have taken screenshots of exam papers as soon as they open the exam papers.
“In one case, the principal allegedly took photographs of test questions, distributed them and then later posted the exam paper on her whatsapp status section. On the other hand, the headmaster’s cellphone containing screenshots of paper questions
was found as the phone was being handed to the person who was going to write the exams at the hospital, ”he said.
“We were also introduced to the person who pretended to be an inspector and who entered the exam center. Since then he has been found guilty in court and he was arrested, ”he added, noting that he was a registered teacher even though he was not a TSC employee.

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