Break Down of KSh 3.63 Trillion Proposed Budget for 2021/2022 Financial Year

The National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani is on Thursday, June 10, expected to present the national budget for the 2021/2022 financial year.

Before then, the National Assembly will convene a special seating to deliberate on the KSh 3.63 trillion budget, which is the largest in Kenya’s history.

If the House will rubber-stamp the proposed figures, then the KSh 3.63 trillion will be divided as follows:

Of the total amount, the national government has been allocated the lions share standing at KSh 1.93 trillion.

The executive has been allocated KSh 1.88 trillion, Parliament KSh 37.88 billion and the Judiciary 17.92 billion in the 2021 Finance Bill proposal.

In the budget, the Consolidated Fund budget, which largely takes care of debt repayments and salaries for constitutional commissions has been allocated KSh 1.33 trillion. Of the funds, KSh 253 billion will be used to settle Kenyan bulging debt.

County governments have been allocated KSh 370 billion.

Top 5 ministries

Yatani’s National Treasury has been allocated KSh 167.8 billion followed by the Mutahi Kagwe led Ministry of Health at KSh 121.1 billion.

The Ministry of Defence has been allocated 119.8 billion while Eugine Wamalwa’s Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Ministry allocated 78.3 billion.

Charles Keter’s Energy Ministry has been allocated KSh 75.4 billion.

Big Four Agenda

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda has been allocated a total of KSh 135.3 billion.

Breaking it down:

Universal Health Coverage has been allocated KSh 45.6 billion.

Affordable Housing allocated KSh 14.9 billion

Food and Security has been designated KSh 54.2 billion.

Manufacturing has been allocated KSh 18.5 billion.

Kenyan taxpayers are expected to raise a bigger percentage of the funds that that will finance the budget.

The 3.63 trillion budget will be funded by KSh 1.97 trillion in taxes and 1.63 trillion in loans and grants.

Of the taxes, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is expected to collect 835 billion while the Value Added Tax is expected to raise KSh 472.9 billion.

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