Civil Servants Risk Losing Salaries After Directive From State House

All civil servants risk losing their salaries and allowances after Monday, August 23, deadline if they do not get vaccinated.


The directive came from the Head of Public Service Commission (PSC) Joseph Kinyua considered the engine of the Presidency.


Kinyua mandated all government workers to get their first shot of the vaccine after the state noted that the uptake was generally low across the country.


Public Service and Gender PS Mary Kimonye issued another notice on Friday, August 20, stating that missing the jab will be treated as an indiscipline case.


She further noted that the state noticed some of the civil servants avoided the jab in order to stay away from work.


“In this regard, all officers are directed to ensure that they are vaccinated in the ongoing exercise failure to which disciplinary action not limited to denial of access to office, stoppage of salary and withdrawal of allowances and benefits.


“All civil servants will be prioritised in the ongoing vaccination and that those who will not have been given the first jab by August 23, will be treated as discipline cases and appropriate action taken against them,” read the notice in part according to Nation.

So far, 2.7 million jabs have been administered across the country with 1.5 million people have received their first doses.


778,862 people have received their second doses representing a 48.8 per cent uptake. Overall, only 2.9% of the population has been fully vaccinated.



The directive by PSC requiring all civil servants to be vaccinated had caused uproar from several quarters attracting a lawsuit.


On Friday, Clement Koigi, a Nakuru-based lawyer, filed a suit seeking the court to declare the directive as unconstitutional as it violates basic principles enshrined in the constitution.


The lawyer stated that the directive was discriminatory as it infringes on civil servants’ right to privacy and goes against fair labour practices in the country.

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