Civil Servants Will Have To Wait A little longer To Receive Their July Salaries, says SRC

Working as a civil servant can be a lot of fun, especially knowing that there is job security and the pay is worth it.

All civil servants get their salary slips around 20th day of every month. Their salary gets credited to their bank accounts on the 24th of every month.

However things are different for this month of July as their payment slip is yet to come, which means they will have to wait more before receiving their monthly salary.

The delay in the processing of payslips may be due to the implementation of the new CBA agreement signed following the end of their previous CBA agreement that expired last month.

The SRC had put on hold the salary hikes of both civil servants and teachers for the next 2 years, however the civil service unions and teachers unions have held several meetings with the SRC to prevent the impending strike.

The outcome of both the meetings will be known only after the payment slip is received.

Last month civil servants enjoyed salaries that were paid as early as June 19 as it was marking the end of the financial year. If other years have anything to go by, civil servants will have to wait a little longer, like other years, around July 29 to receive their salaries.

This has been caused by various sectors in the economy preparing new payrolls for the new financial year as they adjust the salaries of some civil servants who may move from one job group to another.

Therefore, let’s exercise some patience as we wait communication from the SRC department concerning salaries.

On the same note also, the SRC should act in speed and help the civil servants as they are backing on this money to settle school fees balances for their children as schools reopen on Monday 26th of July.

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