Criteria To Be Used In Selecting Kazi Mtaani Youth For Phase 3

The Kazi Mtaani Programme is an initiative designed to cushion the most vulnerable youth in the informal settlements from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.


The objective of the programme is to provide a form of social protection for workers whose prospects for daily or casual work has been disrupted by the containment policies put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. Through this initiative, residents are recruited to undertake projects concentrated in and around informal settlements with the aim of improving the environment, service delivery and providing income generation opportunities.


The State Department for Youth Affairs is currently implementing the training component of Kazi Mtaani Programme in the 47 Counties to equip youth with industry relevant skills to ensure they are employable and productive post COVID – 19 Crisis.

Yesterday, 19th November 2021, Dr. Hinga launched the Kazi Mtaani Phase 3 that is targeting youths. Interested parties were called upon to submit their applications online through the portal

Selection is likely to be done as from 25th of this month to 30th November 2021.

Criteria To Be Used in Selection

1. Age

From the Application portal, it was clear that you were required to submit your date of birth. This is to enable the selection panel select those who are within the age bracket required for This job. The age that is needed is between 18 and 35 years. Anybody who is older than 35 years will not be lucky for this job.

2. Location

During phase one and two, there are regions that happened to have produced many youths for this job. Therefore, those coming from such regions have low chances of venturing into this initiative.

Some of these counties include but not limited to; Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kericho, Mombasa etc.

3. Level of Education

Those who have only gone through the primary and Secondary School and have no added skill, they will venture into construction works. But chances are those who have degrees will have minimal chances of getting these job but the few who will be selected won’t go for construction works but for managerial position to oversee the smooth running of the exercise.

4. People With Disabilities

First priority will be given to those applicants that have the qualifications and are disabled. Those with special needs will get an upper hand in this initiative and they will be considered first before any other person. No person with disability will be left out.

5. Gender

As indicated in the instructions for applications, this exercise will be a 50-50 affair for both genders. Therefore it means that if there is a gender that has submitted more applications that the other, then that gender will suffer a setback as many of it’s members will be left out.

It is expected that after the training the youth will develop a saving culture, form and register groups, establish social enterprises and apply for funding from Government Affirmative Funds (YEDF, NGAAF, Women Enterprise Fund and Uwezo Fund).


So far, over 200,000 youth have been trained on Entrepreneurship, Financing for business, Life Skills, Citizenship and National Values.

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