Diploma Courses Highly Preferred Over Degree Courses In The Kenyan Market

In Kenya most individuals have set their minds that pursuing a degree course is far much Better Than going through a diploma course, this is not the case considering the fact that there are diploma courses which are far much better than degree courses and at the same time pays high salaries.

Here are some of the diploma courses that are considered over degree courses.

1) Quantity Survey (QS)

QS is among diploma courses that you would wish to pursue for you to be considered in the current market,with a grade of less than a C+.Both universities and colleges provide this course but so far Technical University of Kenya is the best since it’s known for highly qualified graduates in quantity surveying.

2) Diploma In Estate Agency And Property Management.

Kenya as per now has a good market in terms of real estate and for this reason the demand for real estate agents is at a high rate, therefore for those ready to pursue this course at the diploma level have high chances to get themselves in the field before it is flooded since it only takes three years to be done unlike for a degree holder who will take more than three years and are less exposed as compared to diploma holders.

3) Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical is one of the diploma courses that can land you to a good earning source because once you are done with you course, you can decided to get yourself a chemist which would earn you around 10 thousand Kenyan shillings per day, this depend on the location you decide to place it, this course is much better at diploma level since it take the shortest time compared to the degree level and at the same time one can end up in some of the best and leading pharmaceutical companies in Kenya which highly pay.

4) Diploma In Architecture

With a starting pay slip of around 50 thousand Kenyan shillings as a diploma holder in an architectural field, this individual would be much better than their counterparts who take degree course in architecture.

A diploma holder has an added advantage in architecture since it will take only three years for one to be done with the course and at the same time diploma holders are much exposed in the field work compared to degree holders.

5) Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies

At diploma level, Purchase and Supply is one of the highly marketable courses in Kenya therefore this is one of the courses in demand and would be a good choice for anyone who wish to be absorbed easily in the market today once out of the education system.

6) Diploma in Human Resource Management (HR)

A Human Resources Management student at diploma level is much preferred compared to a degree holder, this is because diploma holders are much exposed since most of them have to go for attachment which comes after every six months of studies Thus exposing them to the real world field work.

Human Resources managers are some of the major decision makers in the system and most companies

7) Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Colleges which include Kenya institute of Management provide quality diploma courses for their students, when it comes to Accounting and financial sectors their services are highly ranked and of high demand, the market is not flooded but instead there is high demand in the corporate world, which is in need of accountants and financial experts especially those at diploma level because they are highly competent when it comes to service provision.

8) Diploma in Graphic and Web Design

The two courses, that is web and graphic design can easily be done at the same time and with the combination one is of high demand in the current market, this is because most activities which include businesses are nowadays carried out online due to development of technology, this has been increased due the current situation in the country where most activities are carried out online due coronavirus pandemic.

At diploma level it is believed that diploma holders are more practical compared to degree holders who are more theoretical. This situation favors the diploma holder especially when it comes to speed game and creativity.

The above mentioned courses are some of the diploma courses preferred over degrees courses. Others include, Journalism and Mass Communication, Diploma in Project Management among others.

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