EACC Now Intervened To see KNEC Contractes Professionals Are Paid

The pressure during the marking of the national examinations in the country have always been high.Education CS Professor George Magoha has always been determined not to delay releasing the exams results inorder to give the parents some ample time to prepare their children for the form one admissions.


The form one students will join their new schools on 2nd August.The parents are in a rush to have their children go to the schools that they can afford.This comes at a time when the school administrators are complaining about the reduction of fees by Education ministry.The parents will pay up to 15% less for 2021 Education calendar.


It is quite sad to note that the KNEC examiners have not been paid up to now since the exams were marked.These teachers have complained of the delays.They feel that KNEC has intentionally refused to pay them.This has led to pressure from the union officials who have threatened to withdraw from the marking of the 2021 KCPE and KCSE examinations.


Teachers have continued to pile pressure for KNEC to release their money.Kuppet Western branch has sensed that something unusual is up with the Council.While speaking on Nyota TV,the Western branch team has called for the intervention of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission into the matter in order to find out why KNEC does not want to release the money to teachers.They have also threatened not to mark the next exams.

News on Payment of 2020 Examiners



From the previous record on payment of contracted officers, Knec will still uphold their payment amount. The payment for 2021 officers will be as follows.


1. KCPE Supervisors will be paid Ksh. 2,485


2. KCPE Invigilators will be paid Ksh. 1,615


3. KCPE Security Officers: Ksh 1,050


4. KCPE Drivers: Ksh. 1,050


5. KCSE Supervisors: Ksh. 12,510 for those in Nairobi and Mombasa county.


6. KCSE supervisors in other counties KES. 11,340.


7. KCSE Invigilators: Ksh. 9860 for teachers in Nairobi and Mombasa county.


8. KCSE invigilators in other counties KES. 7820


9. Secondary School principals: Ksh. 9,000


10. Deputy principals Kshs. 0.00


11. Teachers of science who will prepare the practicals and give instructions Ksh 0.00


12. KCSE Security Officers: Ksh 6720


13. KCSE Drivers: Ksh. 6480


14. KCPE and KCSE examiners; according to the rates stated in their invitation letters.

From their records, Knec has failed to consider the deputy centre managers who are deputy teachers. Teachers teaching sciences have been excluded also. It is high time Kuppet, Keppsa and other unions should fight for the rights of these teachers.

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