EACC to Deconstruct Waititu’s bid for Nairobi governor ahead of by-election

Integrity being the order of the day, Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and other aspirants will be vetted by the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission (EACC) For complying with the integrity principle.

If the statement sent to media houses is something to go by, the EACC indicated that it will vet all aspirants seeking to be elected governor of the great Nairobi County.

EACC swore to advice the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)on integrity compliance of all aspirants for party Nominations and for those who want to run as independent candidates like Waititu.

EACC has vowed to apply the constitution fully in serious compliance with chapter six on integrity in the upcoming by-election.

The Commission will look into the integrity requirements for the the candidates and advice IEBC since it has the mandate of advisory in accordance to chapter six.

One of the integrity issue that will throw out Former Kiambu governor is on the Abuse of Office. This could be a blow to Waititu and Sonko since the EACC has said it’s target on those who have been removed or dismissed from public office for running afoul chapter six of the constitution as they will automatically be disqualified.

EACC has urged also the electorates to elect personalities whose integrity is not in question. This is one way through which the electorates can also vet the aspirants during casting of their votes.

Other aspirants like Dennis Waweru, Agnes Kagure, margaret Wanjiru, Dennis Kodhe, Sammy Wa Kiaga, Beth siengo and Kimori Machoka, the Nairobi County executive will have to face the EACC hurdle of vetting.


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