Education CS George Magoha In Trouble After making This Statement

George Magoha advised schoolgirls to stay away from teachers who were hunting.

The East African Center for Human Rights (EACHR) claimed that Prof Magoha’s July 17 statement called for shifting the blame of teenage pregnancies to girls instead of addressing the root causes of the problem.

In his statement, Magoha addressed the schoolgirls, telling them, “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are there with the power…” as he warned the girls against agreeing to the teachers’ advances.


EACHR chief executive Dr Judith Olu said Magoha’s warning was wrong and could not have come at a worse time when the country is grappling with the highest rate of teen pregnancies ever seen in Kenya. Schools have also been identified as the second largest center of sexual violence against children after the home environment.


“We would like to call out the CS for making such irresponsible statements, which only served to shift the blame from the perpetrators and move them to victims (girls). In fact, such statements would bring shame to the victim. It is difficult, if not impossible, to report for any child who has been abused,” Olu said.

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