Education CS Prof. George Magoha Plans To Abolish School Uniforms Now In Pipeline

Prof. George magoha made this remark of abolishing school uniform yesterday citing that students are have not reported to schools due to lack of school uniforms. He said that he is considering abolishing school uniforms so that learners can join school with ease.

The Kisii county human rights secretary Mrs. Rachael Otundo has faulted the CS Prof. George Magoha over these remarks.

She just cited that Magoha’s move to allow students to attend school without uniforms is a wrong move and is ill advised.

Otundo has just indicated that if the learners are allowed to attend school without uniforms or in their civilian clothes, it will be difficult for teachers to identify students easily.

Otundo also added that this move will give a loophole to strangers to get into schools and cause insecurities among students.

Otundo has also advised the CS to have consultations with the government to introduce cheaper means of acquiring school uniforms to avoid students from reporting to schools without school uniforms.

She also reminded the CS  that a school is different from a market where there exists order and decorum.

She has also warned the CS from interfering with principals and headteachers since they are people who are trained and know what is best for the learners.

Otundo also lauded the 100% transition saying it provides equal opportunity for access to education to all children.

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