Education Ministry Confirms Half term Break On This Date

The Education Ministry has a suffered a major blow recently following the student unrest in schools.

Many schools have been razed down by the students as some of them cite school pressure that needs a little Holiday.

This week, almost ten schools were up on flames and the causes of fire is yet unknown which has caused the schools to be closed down indefinitely. This means that the students will lose more time staying home as they await for the construction of new Dormitories.

Since there is foreseen danger if this filthy incidents are not curtailed earlier, the ministry of education in collaboration with the KESSHA Chairman, are working on a modality of ensuring that students have been granted a mid term Break As From 19th, November,2021- 23rd, November,2021.

The circular Below shows the date agreed upon by stakeholders and Education Ministry PS.

The ministry of Education is reconsidering returning half term break in term two of 2021 for both primary and secondary schools contrary to its prior decision of not having one this term.

The current fire incidences across the country seems to have been instigated by lack of free time for students to spend at their homes.

“On behalf of principals we did a letter last week, asking for a half term break , the secretary and I had earlier separately talked to director Secondary on the same as far half term break is concerned, I have also today talked to PS this morning on the same and he confirmed they have our letter I will find time tomorrow to visit jogoo God willing. Will let you know of any outcome . ” Kahi Ndimuli

“Good evening Colleagues. I would like to bring the following to your attention.

1. There are incidences of fire in many parts of the country. Kindly, let’s be vigilant and be available in the schools to arrest the situation.

2. Communicate to the students that there will be a midterm in November. The actual dates will be given in the CS circular. He said this when we had a meeting on 27/10/21 at KSG.

3. We are planning for resumption of co- curricular activities amidst the pandemic.So, MoH and MoE are closely working together to chart the way forward on the protocols”Margret Mwirigi, CDE-Nyamira.

Therefore, parents should expect their daughters back as soon as next week if the talks between the KESSHA CHAIRMAN and the PS For Education come into a consensus to end these heinous acts by school students.

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