Education Ministry On the Spot For 1.8B Corruption After Audit

It has now emerged that the department of education has paid whooping ksh. 1.8B ghosts of high school students in the recently concluded 2019/2020 financial year. The Auditor-General’s report indicates that there is serious corruption in the Department, although the Minister’s complaints are relatively low. According to the auditor-general, overpayments are due to erroneous figures for July and September 2019, increased enrollment in January 2020, and double payments to other schools. Overpayment, according to a report signed by Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu, was 2,61 0 public high schools in various districts.
That aside, ksh. 26.8M was sent to remote schools in Kenya. Five funded schools are in a state of disarray as they are short of registration certificates, TSC nomination letters and referrals for principals, administrative minute boards that allow for the opening of new accounts and other essential requirements. “In these circumstances, it is not possible to verify the accuracy and actual performance of the reported funding of ksh. 58, 778,993,798 for the year ended 30 June 2020,” the report said. The Department of Education has also been exposed for paying millions of rands by renting office space used by offices of various government departments in the counties. The auditor confirmed that he could not guarantee the payment of ksh 86M for rent because the official lease agreements and approvals for the purchase of offices had not been granted for office verification.

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