Employ Teachers Without Interviews using the Register of Registered Teachers, Says KUPPET

Teachers should be treated with decorum and respect they deserve. They sacrifice a lot to see other people climb up the ladder with their aid. Its so unfair how the government of the Republic of Kenya is treating teachers who are qualified and registered by the teachers service commission.

Taking a look at how much the government and the Teachers Service Commission pay teachers, its sickening and draining as teachers receive peanuts from the commission which is not commensurate with the work that they perform. All the personalities who go through the teachers hands and enter into other professions have proved to earn good amount of money than those who helped them achieve their dreams.

Considering countries in Africa where Kenya is among them, they pay teachers very low amount of money which can not sustain their needs. Taking a closer and keen look at the countries in the middle East or the oil producing countries, the salary the teachers are remunerated for a month is very high. For example, Saudi Arabia pays teachers salaries ranging from $2600-$5000, United Arab Emirates pays $2,700-$4,200, Kuwait pays between $2600-$4000, Qatar pays $1800-$4000 and Oman pays between $1600-$3500. If you make your calculation, this comes to almost Ksh. 160,000 on the lower side. This implies that one can be able to save some cash for other projects. In Kenya a teacher in job group K can earn up to a maximum of Ksh. 38,000. If the teacher has a HELB loan, then he/she can part with Ksh.33,000 per month. Considering that teachers have so many dependents back in their family, this amount is so meagre to the point that one can not find any cash that he can save and teachers end up going for loans to which put their lives in jeopardy as they will be deducted the amount up to a maximum of 8 years. This can be so draining as the teacher will only receive a salary which can not even sustain the family.

From the research conducted by the Newsyetu team, ascertained that teachers demanded a salary increment of even 50% so that they can be able to sustain themselves and those of their dependents without going for loans. From the teachers who have graduated and registered by the Commission suggested that the Teachers Service Commission should not subject teachers to interviews but absorb them directly from their registers and post them to schools where there is a deficit whenever they intend to employ. They said that the process of application and going for interviews is mind wrecking and they end up wasting a lot of money in terms of transport and happen not to have secured a chance during the interviews. This recommendations will be presented by our team to the teachers Service Commission by our team and ensure that something is done.

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