Fears of a new Covid variant: There are two Covid symptoms to look for in fully vaccinated people

A NEW coronavirus variety may take the place of the present Delta version, which has wreaked devastation around the world. The most important issue is that the variation may be able to bypass some of the vaccine’s immunity. If you’re fully vaccinated, there are two key coronavirus symptoms to watch out for, according to the ZOE COVID research app.


The World Health Organization (WHO) held a special meeting on Friday to mobilize an international response to a new coronavirus type. Hong Kong was the first to upload the sequence of this variant, which is now known as B.1.1.529, from a case of someone traveling from South Africa. There are growing concerns that the new strain may bypass part of the immunity conferred by vaccines due to its exceptionally large number of mutations.


This alarming image emphasizes the importance of keeping an eye out for coronavirus symptoms, even if you’ve been fully jabbed.


Although exact characteristics of the strain – dubbed Omicron by WHO and classified as a “variant of concern” – have yet to emerge, those who have been fully vaccinated have experienced unusual coronavirus symptoms.


The ZOE COVID research app has created a guide to the warning signals of Covid post-vaccination based on data from millions of users.


“You should stay home and get a Covid test if you’ve been vaccinated and start sneezing or coughing a lot without an explanation,” the app’s creators said, “especially if you’re living or working around people who are at higher risk of the disease.”


They went on to say: “Sneezing and coughing are two common ways for viruses to spread. To keep droplets from spreading, conceal all coughs and sneezes with tissue or the inside of your elbow.


“Until you’ve washed your hands, don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.


“A lot of sneezing and coughing could be a symptom that someone who has been vaccinated has COVID-19, and they should get tested and self-isolate to safeguard their friends, family, and coworkers.”


Another crucial indicator of Covid infection, according to the ZOE COVID research specialists, is a loss of smell or taste, “so if you observe this, make careful to perform a lateral flow or PCR test to confirm.”


A number of pharmaceutical companies have pledged to improve vaccines against the new coronavirus type that has prompted travel prohibitions.

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