Five Best Universities to Study Law

Law is one of the marketable course of late. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Law or Diploma in Law, one can be able to start a law farm and earn a huge sum of money. This means that anybody with a law course has no room for tarmacking after graduation. The salary scale for a lawyer is around $122,960 per month and this is the median amount for a lawyer entering into service. If one is employed in the best law firms in Kenya like;

  1. Koya and Company Advocates
  2. CR Advocates LLP
  3. Mwale and company Advocates
  4. Begi’s Law and Offices and Chambers Advocates
  5. Balala and Abed Advocates

You are likely to earn some good amount of money since they pay well.

Alternatively if one is capable of starting his own law firm, He can be able to leap big in terms of salary every month.

Its always advisable to carry out some research which will enable you make the right choice in terms of the best university or college to attend for a degree or diploma in law. In this article we have outlined the best five universities that will help you achieve your dream in law. The following are the best five Universities to study law;

(a) Strathmore University School of Law

This university ranks as the best law school in Kenya. It has recorded exemplary performance in the law examinations with a pass rate of up to 66%. It ranks the best University since it involves its students in law related contests which makes the students to be focused and up to date with current affairs in the law related areas.

Strathmore University is a private university and it should be the best choice you if you want take law.

(b) School of Law Nairobi University

Most of Kenya’s brilliant lawyers like James Orengo are the ambassadors and alumni of Nairobi university, law school. The school was instituted in 1970s for Bachelor of laws and has always remained at the pinnacle as the best law school producing sharp minds that are determined to defend the constitution by fire by rain.

The university happens to be the best in the East and central Africa as it also offers masters and PhD in law.

(c) Kenyatta University, school of law

The KU branch that offers Law is located in Parklands in the capital where its located in a strategic position which offers the learners with a conducive environment for study.

The university has produced numerous lawyers who are now prolific in the industry despite the fact that the school was launched in 2009. This has placed the university in the map of the best universities to study law.

(d) Mount Kenya University, law school

The university’s law school was launched in 2009 and got accredited in 2011. The school is determined to produce competent people in the legal field. In 2019, a task force that was instituted the the attorney general Githu Muigai assessed the university and it emerged to the best producing legal minds that are competent in the profession.

Having known this, then its clear that the institution is among the best institutions that you can consider for an intake for law.

(e) JKUAT Law School

The JKUAT is located in Karen. It happens to be among the best universities that offer law among the Kenyan Universities.  Its located in an environment that enhances effective study.  The institution is fitted with the latest requirements including a moot court, computer based lab, well furnished classrooms and the school is well supplied with the internet.

If you are looking for the best university to study law, then make the right choice among the above outlined schools which will make you achieve your dream in the legal field.

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