Form one 2021: How to check Form One Placement Via SMS and Online;

Tuesday, June 15: Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha revealed how KCPE candidates can access the form one selection results. 

Speaking at the launch of the Form One Selection exercise, Magoha entailed that students can access the information by sending their index number to 22263.

“Candidates and parents can now access joining instructions that are available online for all categories of schools through the ministry’s or check the results by texting the candidate’s number only to 22263. 

“Schools will download their selection list by logging onto nemis portal,” Magoha stated.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has  today released the form one selection results for the 2020 KCPE candidates.

This means that students are on schedule to join the selected secondary schools in mid-July. The candidates will access the results through the NEMIS portal (National Educational Management Information System).

A spot check on the website reveals that candidates will have to login or register if new, in order to access the information posted by the Education Ministry.

The education ministry faces a daunting task of ensuring that all 1.18 million candidates attain a 100 percent transition into secondary schools.

This entails coming up with a plan to ensure all schools, national, extra-county, sub-county and private high schools, are able to accommodate all the students.

Further, with new guidelines implemented during the selection process, top performing candidates risk the chance of not joining the schools they preferred.

Reports also show that the new guidelines also make it harder for them to transfer to other schools if they are not satisfied with the selection results.

The candidates, in the selection process, were being allowed to select four national schools, three extra county schools, two county schools and two subcounty schools.

Magoha, in past interviews, had promised that the selection process would be credible and leave no room for manipulation.

Initially, the selection results were slated t be released on Friday, May 28 but were later postponed to Tuesday, July 14.

Magoha cited that there was no cause for alarm for either parents or students as he expressed confidence in the selection process.

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