FREE MILK TO PRIMARY SCHOOLS: Public Primary Schools To Start Receiving Free Milk

Senators have supported a bill that calls for free milk supplies to children in pre-primary and primary schools.

The Basic Education (Amendment) Bill, 2020, sponsored by nominated Senator Beatrice Kwamboca, aims to increase the enrollment of children in schools through the provision of milk by the national government in consultation with county governments.

The Bill also seeks to improve the academic performance of the learners to inprove their nutritional well-being.

“School health and nutrition programs, especially when embedded within comprehensive child development strategies, are an integral part of a child’s long-term development.

“As part of an inclusive maternal and child health as well as early childhood development, school health and nutrition programs are an important step in ensuring that the child reaches his or her full potential,” the bill states.

According to the bill, the milk provided to the learners would be distributed to the schools through county directors.

However, the education cabinet secretary will recommend the norms for supply of milk to schools.

While debating the bill in Parliament, senators argued that the nutritional health of students is important in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of universal education.

“School health and nutrition interventions are recognized as critical in addressing the Millennium Development Goals of gender equality in universal basic education and educational access,” the bill said.

In what seems like a return to the famous majiwa or nyyo introduced by former president Daniel Moi, the senators also noted that the WFP reduced the school meal program by Ksh 500 million and reintroduced milk to children. Will help to keep in arid and semi-arid areas. In school.

School milk programs will also contribute to the development of the dairy sector by providing markets for dairy farmers.


The proposed legislation will be presented to members of the National Assembly for approval, after which it will be taken to President Uhuru Kenyatta for approval.

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