Full List Of 6,000 Primary School Teachers Forwarded To TSC For Deployment To Secondary schools August 2022

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has ushered in new changes as Primary school teachers set to start receiving letters of deployment to secondary schools.

This is shocking especially because more P1 teachers are still waiting for official advertisements for this year’s deployment from TSC. However, in an election year, anything is possible.

According to the deployment roadmap, the county selection process and successful candidates’ completion of employment application forms will take place after the general elections from Thursday, August 15th, 2022, to Wednesday, August 20th, 2022.

A serial number will be given to each candidate during the selection process. Among other pertinent documents, applicants must provide original and readable photocopies of the following:

TSC has a plan to deploy practicing P1 teachers who qualify to teach in secondary school, to teach in various secondary schools with vacancies.

Despite stopping the automatic promotion of teachers who upgraded their certificates in January 2014, TSC still deploys 1000 PTE teachers each year to teach in secondary schools. A total of 3,000 P1 graduate teachers were promoted to teach in secondary schools in the last three years.

In 2019, TSC advertised 1000 deployment posts and another 1,000 more slots for deployment in 2022. However, TSC has not made public through advertisement deployment slots for this year. Primary school teachers have waited for the advert so they can start applying.

On 13th July 2022, TSC was engaged in talks with officials of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT. Led by its secretary general, Collins Oyuu, he was pushing TSC to allow primary school teachers who acquired higher academic qualifications through in-service training to teach in junior secondary.

KNUT specifically wanted TS to allow primary school teachers with degrees in secondary options but C plain in KCSE to be promoted to teach in those schools. They also wanted TSC to recognize teachers with diplomas in secondary options during deployment exercises.

According to TSC, for teachers to be deployed to teach in junior secondary school, one must have;

Teacher can visit TSC website to check the list http://TSC.go.ke

~A Kenyan citizen

~Be a holder of a P1 certificate

~Be a holder of a bachelor’s degree in education with two teaching subject

~Must have attained at least a c plus mean grade at KCSE or its equivalent C plus in the two teaching subject

~Must be serving under TSC

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