“Get Ready For The Toughest Academic Year” Teachers & Learners Told

Covid 19 is still with us. Apart from deteriorating the economy, this pandemic has also brought major setbacks in the ministry of education.

According to the report published by the standard today on December 29th, parents have been cautioned to prepare for the toughest academic year 2022.

This is because this year has many academic activities that will be happening at the same time. There will be five national examinations that will take place in the same year.

There will be two KCSE and KCPE which will be done in March and December. There will be also the examination of grade six, for the CBC.

This comes as parents send their pleas to the government to give them ample time to prepare for school fees.

At the same time, the ministry is creating strategies that will ensure the safety of students and teachers from the contraction of Covid 19.

The ministry has ensured that most teachers are vaccinated. Thank you for reading this article. Continue keeping safe.

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