Gikomba Has Once Again been Razed Down By Fire Yesterday Night

A huge fire engulfed shops at Gikomba Market in downtown Nairobi on the morning of Sunday, November 28, despite a heavy downpour.

Photos seen by showed a huge blaze at the fire-prone market with traders trying to salvage their stock and property.

The fire broke out in the wee hours of Sunday morning and destroyed property of unknown value. It was the fifth fire breakout in a period of two months.

At the time of publishing the story, it was still not clear what had caused the fire.

Witnesses and victims were concerned with the string of fires at the popular market with the latest having taken place on Monday, November 8th.

“Raining in Nairobi. But Gikomba is burning. Who wants to finish this famous market? It has now become a ritual. Feeling for the traders who always have to go through this unnecessary stress,” wondered Ahmed Mohammed.

On November 8, it was believed that the fire was caused by individuals who were unhappy with an eviction notice that the Nairobi Metropolitan Service issued at the time.

A Nairobi Court allowed NMS to evict traders from the open-air Gikomba market to allow for the expansion of a health centre.

The traders were, as a result, be forced to move out of the Gacucu area of the market to pave way for the expansion of the neighbouring Pumwani Majengo Health facility.

In granting the orders, the court stated that the traders’ request for an order to stop the eviction and demolition of business structures would hinder the public good.

Over the past few days, Nairobi has experienced flooding in some estates as a result of increased rainfall across the city.

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