Good News to 2020 KCSE Candidates; Universities Vow to Continue offering Bachelor of Education Degree

According to the source from the the famous television ,it has announced that the university will provide the Bachelor of education course this September despite a proposal made by the employer of teachers to scrap the programme.

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) had announced that all secondary school teachers will have to undertake a one year mandatory post graduate diploma in teaching before they can be licensed to teach .

This shows that there could be another way the Bachelor of education will be undertaken apart from the normal way it’s being handled in the universities as the bachelor of Education .

But the good news to the candidates who finished their form four studies and they have applied to join university ,is that the university will be be able to offer the Bachelor of education as usual despite the proposal made by the employer of teachers .

Thousands of students who got grades of C+ and above are expected to join various institutions from August, this year.

Unlike other years, few will probably apply for education and teaching related courses as more than half failed to make it to the cut off points.

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