Good News To All Unemployed P1 Teachers As They Prepare For This Important Exercise Starting This Month

Once again Tsc has sent a notification to all unemployed p1 teachers to be ready to start Diploma Upgrade Course which is expected to start from September this year in 24 identified Teachers Training Institute centers across the country.

These are all plans to ensure that all teachers are in line with the changes brought in by the new curriculum. The mentioned training exercise will take a duration of nine months (9).

All participating teachers will be guaranteed to pass as this training will not be tied to a strict and regular exam oriented curriculum but an induction course.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development is currently busy working on curriculum design for the Upgrade Programme, which will focus solely on equipping teachers with competency-based curriculum (CBC) skills.

This is because teachers have already acquired the basic teaching skills required at the classroom level. The commission has also clarified that it has started this program with the intention of helping most of the teachers as no teacher will be employed in future without an upgrade certificate.


However the move has come with a major setback, considering that June 22 this year had the lowest number of eligible applicants for joining Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education (DPTE) and Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education (DECDE).


The figure was 1,400 distribution only in six public teacher training institutes, while others had to wait for those joining the diploma upgradation program in September this year.


This equally comes at a time when tsc has already confirmed that it has no plans to hire more p1 teachers, a move that has cornered these thousands of teachers. TSC is planning to recruit 5000 teachers and another 3500 intern teachers in secondary.

No additional teachers will be expected in the schools every year for the next 3 years as the commission is planning to do away with the 8-4-4 system of education.

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