Good News To Teachers Who Attended CBC Trainings From 2019 Till Date As TSC Requests For Their Data

The teachers service commission, TSC has ordered for immediate submission of names of all public school teachers who attended the Competency BasedCurriculum (CBC)trainings since year 2019.

Some of the teachers’ details that the school heads are required to send are; the name,school,TsC number, mobile number, email address and year and month the teacher took the training.

Teachers handling grades 1-5 pupils have been trainedfor the CBC curriculum, and those who will handle Grade Six pupils set to be trained in Decemberthis year, as per the records in possession of TSC.

According to the TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia, at least 60,000 high school teachers will, in March and April next year, be trained in preparation for the rollout of junior secondary. Junior secondary schoolwill comprise of Grades 7, 8 and 9.

The information concerning the intentions of TSC with regards to details of teachers who have attended CBC trainings is not yet clear. But from reliable sources, those teacher who attended the training will not attend the ongoing trainings since they have what it takes to teach learners.

Similarly, rumour has it that these teachers may also attend the TPD program that is mandatory for all teachers but they will be exempted from taking some units.

A section of school heads had an opinion that it has something to do with the upcoming mandatory TPD modules but upon a deep thought, TSC had made it very clear that no teacher will be exempted from pursuing the TPD modules, not even those with less than a year to retire.

Furthermore, CBC trainings lasted not more than two weeks yet TPD is expected to last 30 years.Could be, those who attended CBC will be exemptedfrom some units in the TPD.

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