Government Private Plan to Ensure CBC Implementation Is Successiful

The Ministry of Education is working with like- minded partners in the education, ICT and infrastructure sectors to ensure smooth transition of teachers from P1 to the Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) system in schools.

“The government has invested heavily in Information Communication and Technology(ICT), infrastructure and Internet connectivity in order to improve the training of teachers in colleges, ”Rift Valley Region Education Director John Olotua said.

Speaking in Tambach Teachers Training College (TTC) in Elgeyo Marakwet during the institution’s 26th graduation ceremony, Olotua said that the government is committed to offer effective training in all colleges as well as upgrade any kind of content for CBC that will impact on the teachers.

The institution’s chief principal Jane Tallam said that the phaseout of Pl certificates had led to a decrease in the number of students as the grade for admission into TTCs had been raised to C.

Tallam added that the college had kicked off the new diploma programme and that they are expecting to admit new students into the course, expecting to admit new students into the course.

“We still have quite a number of students who will need to upgrade from the Pl certificate and enroll for the Diploma course to be CBC compliant,” she said.

She added that the College has resources and the capacity to train up to 1,000studentsunderthe new CBC curriculum.

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