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The shortage of teachers has hit the country as TSC CEO Nancy Macharia has been severely pressed over teacher pay, Varsity denies student suicide by failing exam / finance and Court overturned CS George Magoha’s appointment of five MMUST council members – one of the most talked about issues today
1. Varsity denies students committing suicide due to failing exams, money

A third-year student at the University of Embu, Brian Mwenda, 21, was found hanging from the roof of his house outside the University on April 13.

Media reports had it that Mwenda allegedly committed suicide after failing 10 units and was unable to raise Ksh 89,000 to recover it. University Vice-Chancellor Daniel Mugendi has dismissed allegations that according to University policy, a student cannot advance to the next academic year if he or she has more than two terms.
“There is no way we could have allowed him to continue in the first year if he had repeated it ten times,” Mugendi said, adding that the student had repeated it once during the first year.

“He had loan support from HELB and two CDF bursaries to pay his bills. So there was no way he was falling behind. He was completely paralyzed, ”said VC.

According to Mugendi, death was unfortunate and should not be taken lightly.

“Police are still investigating, we cannot say whether the student hanged himself or was hanged. The matter is still under investigation and we cannot speculate, ”said Mugendi.

2. The shortage of teachers has hit the country as the TSC administrator is under a lot of pressure on the teachers’ salary agreement
Teachers Service Commission (TSC) chief executive Dr Nancy Macharia was today tasked by members of Parliament over delays in teacher contract arrangements, such as the absence of the appointment of seven additional commissioners.

The TSC is legally required to have nine people who will decide to block decisions on various issues, but as of March the commission has had only two commissioners in office as seven have retired.

Therefore, Nancy Macharia was put in charge of explaining why she did not tell the Head of State that the commission does not have a quorum to resolve the teacher issue. They also needed him to provide explanations for the postponement in dealing with various issues affecting the commission.

Macharia has challenged the allegations, saying it was not his job to inform the President about the retirement of officials.

This follows shortly after the approval of Alfred Oyucha’s appointment as Commissioner and Jamleck Muturi as Chairperson of the TSC by members of Parliament on April 28.

With a shortage of teachers in the country, Dr Nancy Macharia conveyed that the commission is trying to overcome any issues with the registration of interns and the replacement of environmental workers, among various measures.

“The commission in part has tried to address the shortage of teachers nationwide in all public institutions by seeking another budget for the recruitment of new teachers for primary and secondary schools,” he said.

3. The court quashed the appointment of five members of MM George Magoha council
The court has announced the appointment of Dr Jane Musanyi as council chairperson and Stephen Muturo, Connie Mogaka, and Joshua Ogango and Githu Kiragu as unconstitutional members. This has hampered the functioning of the center.

Judge Stephen Radido of the Employment and Labor Relations Court ruled that CS CS Prof George Magoha’s decision to publish the five men was unconstitutional.

“The certiorari’s order will be issued on squash Gazette Notice No 2365 which was submitted for identification in Gazette 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as Chairperson and members of the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology respectively,” Justice Radido said.

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