How To Apply For HELB Loan For The First Time, For 2021/2022 Financial Year

HELB loan application for first-time applicants (first years) is now open. Below is a process on how to apply. The online application process includes documents that a person needs to have when making HELB application for the first time.

The maximum amount of HELB per student can receive is ksh. 60,000 and the lowest HELB loan given to students ksh. 35,000.

HELB loan applications are made online through the HELB portal but applicants are required to download the completed forms to be signed and sent to the HELB offices (Available at Anniversary Towers Nairobi). Some of the documents you must have when you first apply for HELB include.

Documents Required to Apply for a HELB Loan

1. National ID card
2. Bank Account (I would encourage you to use equity bank)
3. KRA PIN (Go to any cyber and will help you generate a KRA pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority or you can use this process to get a KRA pin – How to apply for a KRA deputy)
4. Parent Information (Copy of your ID card)
5. Email address
6. Details of any of the three people who will be your guarantors already hired (You must have a copy of their ID)

Procedure on how to apply for HELB for the first time

1. Visit the student portal website
2. Click on the indicated account creation tab to create your HELB account
3. After logging in to your account click on the link First application for the first loan
4. Start filling out your form correctly. Do not skip any steps (You will be expected to fill in your details, education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantees and Bank details). So make sure you have them.
5. After you have completed your correct form go to the homepage to make sure you have completed your form correctly
6. After making sure you have completed your form correctly go to the home page and click on the icon Print form to print your HELB Form.
7. After completing your form, make sure all the parts that need to be signed are signed

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