How to Apply for TSC duplicate certificate of Registration

Have you lost your TSC certificate of Registration? Worry no more, the procedure below will guide you how to recover your certificate.

The commission always allows it’s registers teachers to apply for a duplicate certificate after you have lost one. You can also seek for a duplicate certicate on the grounds that your certificate is defaced of you want to change your names on the current certificate.

Requirements for TSC certificate replacement

For you to get a leeway into application, you must;

1. Pay a non-refundable fee of Ksh. 2055

2. Have you bank payment slip

3. Have your National Identity Card

4. Obtain an affidavit or marriage certificate in case you are changing names.

Since TSC does not accept paperwork, all the applications are done online through the TSC portal. Therefore, this means that you must scan your ID, Bank slip, marriage certificate, affidavit and police abstract before you start the application process.

Procedure how to Apply for TSC certificate replacement

Follow the procedure below to apply for your certificate replacement.

  1. Visit the TSC online portal by using this link https://teachers in
  2. Type in your ID number and your surname correctly, then click next. This will prompt you to page 2.
  3. You can now fill in your basic details as required, then click next once you are done. A this step you can change your name if need be.
  4. You will be required to upload your scanned documents in page three. Once you have uploaded all the required documents you can click on next to move to page four which is the last page.

After you are done, you can now submit your application, and you can keep track of your application progress.

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