How to Become a KNEC Examiner

Do you have an interest of becoming a KNEC Examiner? KNEC carries out this exercise every year or when need arises. They also do train teachers whenever a new subject has been introduced or te setting and marking techniques have changed. They also train teachers to replace those who have retired or exited marking undwer medical grounds. They can also call for a traing of more teachers if the candidature has increased in certain year. As much as you may have trained, its not a free ticket that you must be invited for marking. Their are considerations which they usually make including regional balance.


The following are the requirements that one needs to attain for him/her to be shortlisted for KNEC training;

  1. Your application must be submitted online through the KNEC portal once the vacancies have been advertised. Paper work is not encouraged and if one applies physically through a letter, it will be a ground for disqualification.
  2. Pay the traing fees. This fees changes from time to time depending on how its set by the examination council. Like for this year, the training fees is Ksh.10,500
  3. The subject area you are applying for must be relevant to the subject you are teaching.
  4.  You must be working as a teacher and registered with the teachers service commission. This is not limited to those teachers employed by the commision on the permanent basis, but also those in the BoM sector are welcomed.
  5. One must have a teaching experience of more than three years since the year of graduation.
  6. High standards of integgrity is highly recommended as outlined in chapter six of the constitution of Kenya.
  7. The head of institution must recommend you for a training from the school where you are teaching.
  8. If you are intending to be trained as a KCPE examiner, you must have a minimum of a P1 certificate with a C (plain) at KCSE level. If you are training as a KCSE teacher, you must be a Diploma holder with a minimum mean grade of a C Plus at KCSE and a C plus in the two teaching subjects.
  9. Age is also a factor and one should be 50 years and below.
  10. You must be free from any disciplinary action from the employer. You must not have been interdicted by the employer at any one time
  11. Those applying as PTE examiners must be holders of diploma and above and those applying as DTE examiners, must be holders of a degree in education and above.
  12. Those applying as tehnical and business examiners should have a minimum of a diploma in relevant area of specialization and have a higher qualification than the exam he/she is applying for.

Before selection is done, you must be aware that there are various considerations that the commission will make when selecting examiners which may include gender balancing, regional balancing, age limit professional qualifications and work experience.


Application window is always given in which you are required to make your application. Any application submitted after the set time frame will not be considered.


  1. You will be required to gain access of the oline form through this link
  2. Enter your personal details in the form above and print it.
  3. After downloading the form, fill section 2.0 and 4.0 manually and attach relevant documents and then submit it to KNEC.
  4. Only those who have attached the relevant and required documents will be shortlisted for the training.

Address your letter to the chief executive officer, KNEC throgh the box number  73598-00200 NAIROBI.

After going through the exercise successifully, KNEC will just keep your information in their database and during national marking you will be required to make an application as an examiner. The whole exercise is done online.


Each applicant will be required to pay the traing fee of Ksh.10,500 through the M-Pesa paybill number  819313 using your personal registered mobile number and Account number the exam you are training on. You will be required to indicate the M-Pesa reference number on the space provided in the application form.



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